Why do you participate in Academic Games?

… I joined Academic Games because I thought it was a chance to prove myself. Chloe Burton; DEPSA
… I joined Academic Games so I can become smarter and chill with my friends Alex Herrera; Earhart.
. …I like it because it helps me in writing and language arts. Warren Boyne IV, Oxford
... I decided to do Academic Games because my Dad played Academic games. I want to pass it on from
       generation to generation. Christian Caldwell, Henry Ford Acd.
…. I joined Academic Games because, I used to play at my old school. I was very excited when my
       coaches started a team at Ronald Brown Academy. Allen Brown, Ron Brown Academy
…. I play Academic Games to have excitement and fun! Playing Academic Games also makes me
      think and think and think! Ariah Riley, Durfee, Detroit
….. I enjoy it because I get to learn about other math strategies
                    Keven Nunez, Munger Elementary Middle
..... I play A.G. because it takes me places. Being successful can get you to travel even around the country.
        Aidan Ketcham, Middle School at Parkside (Jackson)

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