September 2019

* Consult Opening Notes.

October 2019

*  League fees are due by October 31

*  Rule books are issued after the fees are paid and the registration form is submitted,  Jenny will have an updated list and rule books at the November Steering Committee meeting

*  Judges certification tests should be available by the December,.  Those coaches who are not certified should shadow a certified judge in preparation for the testing.  Eric, can you send a list of judges to everyone?

*  Please remind coaches that players may request a second or even a third judge.   

*  Even veteran judges make errors (unbelievably, even me)   It's always good to check with someone else to validate a tricky ruling.

November 2019
1)  Each region has an executive board member who will handle schools that have not paid their league fees.  (A- Tony, B- Eric, C-Karen, D-Deborah, E- Alvercheal)  Schools that have not paid can only play themselves and their scores will not count.


2)  The Social Studies tournament is next week November 23rd at 9 am at Renaissance High School in Detroit.  Students will play one round of Presidents, Current Events and Theme,   Coaches will also receive training in Theme.  Statisticians, please include this announcement with your stats.


3)   Please plan to attend the Super Tournament meeting on Sunday, December 15th at the Delta HQ in Detroit at 1 pm.


4)  Judges certification tests will be available at the December tournament.

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