Michigan Leagues of Academic Games 

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Resource Allocated Games


Reading Games

Equations is the game of creative mathematics.  Players use various mathematics to come up with equivalent expressions.


On-Sets is a game that involves Set Theory.  Players utilize set operations to identify groups of color coded cards that form sets.


Wff N' Proof is a game of symbolic logic where students must construct proofs to prove logical arguments that they create.


LinguiSHTIK is an English Language Arts - Grammar game, where students must construct a particular type of sentence and locate a type of word within the sentence.


On-Words is a word game involving spelling, counting, grammar, phonetics, word roots, inflectional endings, prefixes and suffixes.


Propaganda is a game that assesses student's knowledge of recognizing and understanding different techniques of persuasion. 


Presidents is an American History game that assesses students' knowledge of the American Presidents, and the events that occurred during their presidencies.


Theme is a game where players learn to research a particular historical theme that varies from year to year and to prepare notes and study materials about that theme


Current Events is a game where players learn about the major political and cultural events of the most recent calendar year. They learn to be aware of what is happening to them, their country, and their world.