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Required game equipment           
Game board
6 red cubes
6 blue cubes
6 green cubes
6 black cubes

Equations is the game of creative mathematics.  A player sets a goal consisting of numbers and/or operations and all players create an equation that equals the goal using numbers and operations.

Rules/ Variation Sheets

Basic Adventurous

Basic Rules
Equations Appendix
Guide to Basic Equations
High School Intermediate

Adventurous Rules
Elementary Variation Sheet

Middle Variation Sheet

Junior Variation Sheet

Senior Variation Sheet
Equations 2017-18 Judges Test
Equations 2017-18 Test Solutions


Minor/Elementary Middle Junior Senior

Powers and Roots
Negative Numbers and Fractions

Irrational Roots
Negative Powers/Roots

Fractional Powers/Roots
Base m (middle)

Base m (high)
Number of Factors

÷ as Log
Decimal in The Goal
√ = i


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